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Fiberglass boat hull repair.

Boat hull is defined as the side of the boat below the rub rail and above the chine or corner meeting the bottom.

Here we have photos of before and after of various fiberglass boat hulls showing you a few of the types and gelcoat colors of boats we repair.

There are many fiberglass configurations , lamination's and composite elements used in doing a proper structural and cosmetic fiberglass boat repair. We try to use factory original gel-coat when available. Proper applications of these elements lead to quality marine composite repairs.

There are three common causes of fiberglass damage to boat hulls.

   The most common fiberglass hull repairs are necessitated by dock collisions so make sure to invest in some quality boat fenders and use them!
  The second is caused by collisions from or with other boats, so stay alert and know the rules of navigation.
  The third, improper tie up of boats at the dock and wave or wind induced movement causes a lot of minor hull damage. Be sure to ask us how to tie up on the rivers and lakes and the use of spring lines.


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